Sam has been a consultant to the scholarly communications industry since 2013, working at the intersections of business, product, content, technology and strategy, and has been working in the industry for longer than she likes to think about. She was a principal consultant at Renew Consultants, and has worked with Learned Societies, publishers, technology providers and other intermediaries. Her more recent work at 67 Bricks has allowed her to work with other kinds of organisations with content challenges at the heart of them, and get stuck into digital transformation projects.  

She works with senior management teams, boards and individual leaders navigating or preparing for major change. Her approach is consultative and founded on her coaching experience: she works with her clients to build more innovative cultures, to guide cultural change, and to co-create strong strategies.

She brings an analytical, curious, and empathetic approach to her work, and thrives in complex change environments. 

She is a skilled facilitator (apart from teaching teenagers drama, she cut her teeth facilitating meetings with MPs, national journalists, senior academics and business leaders which was a trial by fire, but has served her well).

She is also a co-convener and program chair of Society Street, a conference that brings together leaders and future leaders of Learned Societies to provide a venue to address the challenges facing them in a holistic fashion.

Her areas of expertise cover content business strategies, scholarly publishing, and cultural change.